Cheers – DIY bar tray

Cheers to a little mid-week adult beverage! Who fancies making one of these gorgeous bar trays, using a simple wooden tray and a Cricut?  What’s more, if you get bored of this phrase after a little while, you can simply remove it and replace it with a fresh new one. I’ll list all the supplies at the end of this post, including details on the lovely acacia wood platter I used.

Take your tray and wipe it down with a clean cloth or paper towel. You want to make sure there’s no dust or grime on the surface.
Download my Cheers design here and open it up in the Cricut design space. If you’re going to use the same tray as me, you’ll want the word to be about 9″ wide so that it fits perfectly in the center.
I used copper adhesive foil, which is simply my favorite at the moment. It has such a lovely, soft patina and goes so nicely against the color of the wood. Cut the design out of your vinyl, then remove all the negative space, including the space inside the letters.
I like to use transfer tape to transfer my designs. It’s the best way to ensure you don’t get any creases or wrinkles and helps avoid any air bubbles. I’ll list my favorite transfer tape at the end of this post. It’s worth the investment!
Place the transfer tape over the design and smooth it down to ensure it sticks. I find a plastic bank card swiped over the surface works perfectly to ensure it sticks. Remove the backing paper from the vinyl.
Next, place the design on to your tray and centralize. Run over the design with your bank card again, to allow the vinyl to stick to the surface of the tray. Then, gently peel back the transfer tape. 
It helps if you peel back the transfer tape at a slight angle and keep it low. Don’t try to pull the transfer tape off up in the air, as it will bring the design with it. Peel it back on to itself, and slowly. 
The last thing to do, is to pour yourself a little drink, sit back and enjoy your new DIY project.
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