Esme Skirt – Tint of Mint patterns

I recently sewed up the Esme skirt by Tint of Mint Patterns. I’ve seen some lovely versions by other makers and I thought it would be a light, breezy skirt for the summer.

Download the pattern

The Esme skirt it available as a downloadable pattern which means you don’t have to wait for a paper copy to arrive in the mail. Perfect for impatient people like me. If you’re new to sewing and a bit daunted by having to assemble a pattern, let me reassure you that’s it’s an EXTREMELY simple process and not as inconvenient as it sounds.

You’ll need :

Printer and paper



You’ll need to set your printer to print at 100% scale. When you print the pattern, it’s always advisable to print just the first page and check the scale before printing the remaining pages. The first page of any downloadable pattern (and actually EVERY page of the Tint of Mint pattern) has a scale printed on it. You can just check with a ruler that your printed page is to the correct scale. Once your pattern is printed, simply tape the pages together in the numbered order and as outlined in the pattern instructions. Then you can select your size and cut out your pattern with scissors.

Making the skirt

The Esme skirt is a very quick project – I think it took me about an hr to complete once I had my pattern ready to go. The instruction booklet is very easy to understand and this would make a fantastic project for a beginner. There’s no zipper or button holes to worry about – just a simple hidden fastening made with a loop of elastic and a button. I love the tie detail on the front of the skirt.

I’m looking forward to making this skirt over and over again. This time I used a linen blend that I already had but I think a sweet summer print would go down well.

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