DIY fabric design

If you’re new to this blog (and hello, if you are!) you may not know that I’ve been doing some work for Spoonflower involving simple fabric design with a big impact. I’m new to the concept of putting things on fabric, but I really love what I’ve been making so far.

These are my zipcode cushions made by using google maps to get a satellite image of where I’m from in England. Look how beautiful and green it is! A bit different to So Cal…. You can read about how to make something of your own special place by clicking here.
This week I made some tea towels using my late grandmother’s handwritten recipes. These are made even more special because they are the only remaining examples of her handwriting we have left. I’d recognize her handwriting anywhere. It was so unique. Read about them here. 

You may or may not know that you can buy fabrics through Spoonflower that have been designed by actual professionals. Here I used their cotton/linen canvas to recover an old ottoman. Read about the transformation here. I did this about a month ago. It’s so pretty it was hard letting the kids sit on it. The fabric I used is designed by Zesti

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