Making a waterproof washbag {tutorial}

I have a tutorial up over at Spoonflower this week that shows you how to make a waterproof washbag – perfect for your summer vacations. This thing is BIG, so you can throw all your stuff in and it has a nice wipe-down surface. I used a vinyl fuse which I adhered to the outside of my canvas fabric. You could put vinyl fuse on both sides for extra waterproofedness.  

I cut my pattern pieces before ironing on the fuse. If you’re going to do something like this, I recommend investing in a teflon coated machine foot, which is great at sliding over tacky surfaces like laminates and oilcloths.
Go on over to read the full tutorial on making your own. The link is here.

Please note that whilst this vinyl fuse is great and amazing for many craft projects, it is NOT foodsafe and it is not recommended that you use if for anything that will be used for food.

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